"Our Friend, Audrey"

Audrey, such an unusual and beautiful name, for such
an unusual and beautiful person.
We were fortunate to know "Our Audrey" for she was
as beautiful on the inside as she was on the outside.

A little cluttered was her life, for she was passionate about
so many causes and friends. Such a thirst for knowledge
and for life that anyone around her had to be affected.
She had a special love for debate and her opinion would
reign for her passion could be exhaustible.
And Audrey could keep a secret, how uncommon for today.

She treasured her family, her pets and her friends.
And she had the courage to protect and fight for the things
she loved. She had a gift of loving a person for what they
are, warts and all, instead of trying to change them.
She loved you when you were up and when you were down,
when you were successful or depressed, when life was
turbulent or calm, joyful or full of grief.

We'll always love Audrey for teaching us patience whether
we wanted to or not, making us laugh at ourselves as well
as at her. And reminding us of our best qualities when time
begins to fade "the image" of ourselves.

On those days when our hearts are heavy with everyday life
pause for a moment and reflect on what Audrey taught us.
Think of that wonderfully loud and contagious laugh. And
remember that she is waiting and expecting us in heaven.
And who could disappoint Audrey?

By Maria Welch Gifford


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