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Name: Drew Orr
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Comments: thinking of you today, Audrey, must be the perfect autumn weather
Tuesday, September 29th 2009 - 09:58:35 AM
Name: Ron Easley/David Faulkenberry(Canteen)
Friday, November 28th 2008 - 09:47:32 AM
Name: Roger Shollmier
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Comments: Best of friends forever
Tuesday, November 25th 2008 - 09:46:59 PM
Name: John Smith
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Comments: Steve, I enjoyed looking at the pictures...they were very nice and well put together. Love is an interesting thing in our lives...sometimes when you think you have your arms around just slips away...

Tuesday, November 25th 2008 - 11:51:23 AM
Name: Drew Orr
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Comments: I think of you often when I am troubled and looking for comfort from angels, which I am sure you are one. God bless you and thank you for your many treasured gifts to the world.
Monday, November 24th 2008 - 09:54:35 AM
Name: Jeff Jaynes
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Comments: Audrey,
You remain in our hearts and we continue to celebrate your life and time with us. We are thankful for the time we were blessed to spend with you and for all you meant to each of our lives. We miss you!
Sunday, November 23rd 2008 - 10:39:20 PM
Name: connie Smedley
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Comments: I worked with Audrey at the Tulsa World. I knew her as a very loyal friend. I know her family meant a great deal to her, I know she is sorely missed.
Sunday, November 23rd 2008 - 07:45:05 PM
Name: Shannon Howard Bravo
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Comments: We saw your memorial to Audrey in today's paper. It is beautiful. We are so sorry for your loss, and that circumstances are such that you are not able to let go. My best friend of 21 years (since we were in kindergarten) was killed in the bombing in OKC and I understand what it is like to lose someone to injustice. Your website is very educational and exceptionally thoughtful and well-written. Thank you for sharing about Audrey and for teaching us about possibilities for a better way. Another world is possible.

You and Audrey's family and friends are in our thoughts and prayers ~

Sunday, November 23rd 2008 - 08:18:45 AM
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