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Name: diane
Comments: It's been so long since I visited here Aud. Hope you've forgiven me already :) We miss your dad but I'm comforted knowing the both of you are together meant so much to him knowing you would welcome him home :) I think of you so often, I love and miss you, we all do. You live in our hearts always my good you aud :) d :)
Thursday, August 21st 2008 - 09:38:03 AM
Name: Preston Mc Henry
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Comments: preston mchenry
Wednesday, April 23rd 2008 - 04:54:06 AM
Name: Kim Copps
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Comments: Thanks so much for sharing the website. It is a wonderful way to honor Audrey and those who love her.
Friday, January 11th 2008 - 08:10:24 AM
Name: Les
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Comments: Love you sis....missing you doesn't get easier over the years.
Happy Birthday....I think of you all the time. It's impossible not to...

Love & kisses...

Thursday, November 22nd 2007 - 09:18:20 AM
Name: Shelly Davis Osborn
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Comments: Hey, Aud...Happy Birthday! Wish you were here to celebrate what should have been a milestone birthday for you (I'm right behind you!). So many things have changed since you've been gone. But I'm sure you are watching them all. Remember "back in the day"? Life was simpler then. Just know that you are missed and you are loved. Happy Birthday!
Wednesday, November 21st 2007 - 06:43:03 PM
Name: Darlene Givens Scott
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Comments: I am Audrey's mother's cousin. (We've always thought of her as our cousin but I think Sara Lou's mom was my grandmother's sister). I used to spend a week or so every summer on spring creek with her. I lost a daughter also but she was just a baby. I can't imagine the grief in losing an adult child. My love is with the family.
Monday, November 19th 2007 - 06:23:24 AM
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